Franklin & Marshall College Alum Adriana Moran Garcia.

F&M Alum Strengthens Communities Through Public Art

Spring 2024 | New York

In the heart of East Harlem, Adriana Moran Garcia, a Franklin & Marshall College alum, has embarked on a career path that combines her love for art and commitment to community. She serves as the public programming coordinator at El Museo Del Barrio, the museum that fueled her artistic passion as a child.

Early responsibilities for Adriana in the role include coordinating the event for Three Kings Day—a religious celebration commemorating the biblical journey of the "three wise men" — and strengthening partnerships between the museum and the East Harlem community.

“I am from East Harlem, I’m Mexican first-generation, and I went to high school in East Harlem,” Adriana said. “Working for ‘El Museo’ is a full circle moment for me.”

The support of my Posse during my first art programs helped me persist.

During her time at Franklin & Marshall, Adriana majored in studio arts. In 2020, she won the prestigious FAO Schwarz Fellowship, a two-year award that recognizes outstanding potential for leadership in the social-impact sector. Her journey led her to Mural Arts Philadelphia, where she honed her artistic ability and acquired a profound understanding of social change.

“When you’re connecting with a group of community engagement coordinators and community leaders, they’re all invested in seeing the community thrive,” Adriana said. “Our projects take place over more than 6 months, and we get to build community trust and meaningful relationships. Community buy-in is central to a successful project.”

Adriana’s commitment to both her heritage and the community is evident in her work. In college, she was awarded the Nissley Grant for a photo project capturing the essence of Indigenous Mexican dancers in community centers across New York City.

Her passion for making art accessible has been a constant thread in her career. Adriana has lent her talents to organizations like Creative Time, INGZ Collective, and Lancaster Public Art. Through roles ranging from local outreach to audience expansion research, Adriana has worked to make art a vibrant and integral part of public spaces.

"The support of my Posse during my first art programs helped me persist in my art,” says Adriana. “It was a sweet moment and it made me realize, ‘Yes, this is what I want to do!’”