Davidson College Posse Scholar Reyna Segovia.
Davidson College Posse Scholar Reyna Segovia.

Davidson Senior Pursues STEM, Gains Experience in Healthcare

Fall 2018 | Miami

Reyna Segovia, a senior at Davidson College, accomplished much in her first three years of college as a STEM student.

Although she is currently a biology major with a minor in chemistry, academic struggles early on left Reyna unsure of her ability to complete the rigorous coursework. She confronted the challenge head-on, however, taking full advantage of the many resources available at Davidson. Reyna restructured the way she studied and met regularly with professors and tutors on campus.

Eventually, Reyna’s strategizing and diligence paid off. Her persistence through each difficult course reaffirmed her potential as a STEM student and allowed her to continue on a pre-med track. According to Reyna, the ability to recognize personal academic challenges and find solutions is the most valuable skill she developed during her time at Davidson.

On campus, Reyna has taken an active role in the Davidson community. She has volunteered as an interpreter, translating patient interactions with doctors and nurses at the Ada Jenkins Free Clinic. She has helped students transition to life on campus as a hall counselor. Reyna is also a member of Rusk Eating House, a service-based all-female social organization designed to give women a place to congregate on campus and build relationships with one another.

The summer after her sophomore year, Reyna worked in the organic chemistry lab at Davidson on an antiviral and anticancer drug. She also travelled abroad to study biology in India.

Reyna conducting lab research.
Reyna conducting lab research.

“The cultural, social, and academic challenges that I faced in India really contributed to the holistic college experience that I was hoping to have once I was selected as a Posse Scholar,” Reyna says.

Reyna traveled abroad again this past summer, working with patients in a clinic in Mwandi, Zambia. Alongside fellow Davidson students and a faculty member, she explored healthcare issues in the region and conducted public health research.

Reyna plans on taking a year after graduation to gain more experience in the healthcare field before attending medical school.