Comic Relief US.

Comic Relief US Awards Posse $410K Grant

Spring 2023 | National

Comic Relief US has invested in the next generation of leaders with a multi-year gift to The Posse Foundation. The funding—a generous grant of $410,000 over two years—will support the implementation of Posse’s Pre-Collegiate Training Program at four Posse sites: Atlanta, Houston, Miami, and New Orleans.

“Comic Relief US is a proud partner of The Posse Foundation,” says Comic Relief US Vice President of Grants Programs Ayo Roach. “I’m truly inspired by the incredible work the Posse team is doing to ensure that meritorious but overlooked high school students have the opportunity to participate in meaningful, pre-collegiate and leadership training programs that will prepare them for college and career success."

Founded in 2015, Comic Relief US is a national nonprofit that works to address the cycle of intergenerational poverty by harnessing the power of entertainment. Comic Relief US supports a wide array of organizations and initiatives that address a broad range of needs in impacted communities. According to its website, “the initiatives we fund help people overcome the barriers that forced them into financial hardship and create opportunities so they can provide for themselves, their families, and future generations.”

Widely known for its creative collaborations with the entertainment industry, the nonprofit has raised over $421 million by mobilizing donors through content-driven campaigns and new digital platforms. Fundraising initiatives such as Red Nose Day, Comic Relief US’ flagship campaign to end child poverty, have positively impacted more than 32 million children worldwide.

“Comic Relief is an organization that has been woven into the fabric of the everyday philanthropic giving culture,” says Posse President and Founder Deborah Bial. “The Red Nose Day campaign is one that people across the country recognize, and Posse is so grateful to be a beneficiary of the organization’s efforts.”