The George Washington University recruited its first Posse, pictured above.

Colleges Award $126 Million to Class of 2020

Spring 2016 | National

Posse’s partner colleges and universities selected 718 Scholars for the Class of 2020, awarding them $126 million in four-year, full-tuition leadership scholarships. Scholars were recruited from 10 cities, a milestone for the Foundation which launched its San Francisco Bay Area chapter in 2015.

More than 17,000 students from across the country were nominated for the Posse Scholarship. The new Scholars were selected during Posse’s multi-stage Dynamic Assessment Process, which identifies leaders who can excel at top institutions but may be overlooked by traditional college admission processes.

New Scholars will matriculate at their respective institutions this fall after completing eight months of pre-collegiate training with their Posses. Five partners welcome their first Posses: Dartmouth College, The George Washington University, University of Michigan, University of Notre Dame and University of Puget Sound.

Since its founding in 1989, Posse has recruited nearly 7,000 Scholars who have collectively won $932 million in scholarships from the country’s top colleges and universities.