Boston University Posse Scholar Dora Granera.
Boston University Posse Scholar Dora Granera.

BU Scholar Builds Student Spaces on Campus, Fosters Community in Bay Area

Fall 2021 | Bay Area

Dora Granera, a sophomore international relations major at Boston University (BU), has worked to forge new networks on both coasts. Placing an emphasis on community connections, she has actively opened opportunities for herself and for those around her.

After being inspired by peers to increase her involvement as a member of Alianza Latina, BU’s Latinx student union, Dora joined the Hermanos Committee Program to lead coordination of student events. She and other BU Posse Scholars have also formed United Rhythm, a safe, fun and supportive space where female-identifying BIPOC students can come together to create music.

“College can be a scary thing to think about. However, it’s not scary when you’re not alone.”

Back home in the Bay Area, eager to spread the word about Posse and her own positive experience at BU, Dora approached local college success initiative Richmond Promise. Looking to engage with the organization’s high school participants, she wound up launching their first-ever student panel focused on journeys to and through college. As a featured panelist, Dora told her own story and highlighted the ways Posse has helped her find success.

“I felt it was my duty as a Posse Scholar to share what it’s like to pursue higher education at an institution far away from my hometown,” Dora says. “College can be a scary thing to think about. However, it’s not scary when you’re not alone.”

This summer Dora has continued her work in the Bay Area community at Global Glimpse, an organization that empowers students from diverse backgrounds to work together, build empathy, connect with the world, and prepare for the future.

“I’m encouraged to pursue a career that will help amplify what it means to be a good citizen of the world,” Dora says. “I want to contribute to the greater good.”