Joan Do-Truong.
Joan Do-Truong.

Boston Scholars Awarded Prestigious Gilman, Davis Projects for Peace Fellowships

Fall 2022 | Boston

This past spring, five Posse Scholars from Boston were awarded the Gilman Scholarship to study abroad. One of the recipients, Denison University Scholar Joan Do-Truong, was additionally awarded a Davis Projects for Peace grant.

The Gilman Scholarship Program, sponsored by the U.S. State Department, aims “to better prepare students to assume significant roles in an increasingly global economy and interdependent world.” Gilman Scholars receive up to $5,000 in funding to support their study abroad experience.

The five Gilman Scholarship recipients from Posse Boston are:

  • Christelle Narcisse (Union College) - for travel to Senegal
  • David Lopes (Bucknell University) - for travel to the United Kingdom
  • Joan Do-Troung (Denison University) - for travel to the Netherlands
  • John Pena (Denison University) - for travel to Australia
  • Rute Pires - (Bucknell University) for travel to Ireland

Posse Scholar David Lopes says he is thankful for the opportunity to travel abroad as a Gilman scholarship recipient. A philosophy and religious studies major, he hopes to be welcomed “with open arms” once he lands in the United Kingdom. David looks forward to creating meaningful and authentic relationships with the people he meets abroad.

“Not every young person has the opportunity to go to college, never mind the opportunity to study abroad.”

“Not every young person has the opportunity to go to college, never mind the opportunity to study abroad,” David says. “Upon returning, I would love to share my personal experience and hopefully push others to see that traveling abroad is an opportunity worthy of pursuit.”

For her Davis Projects for Peace Fellowship, which encourages students to design grassroots projects for peace anywhere in the world, Joan crafted a workshop series for youth in the Greater Boston area. Focused on serving Asian American women and transgender, intersex and gender non-confirming youth, Joan designed the program to support participants as they “recognize themselves as community members while also building physical agency through self-defense workshops.”

Upon completion of her Davis Project, Joan will explore international perspectives on gender and sexuality abroad in the Netherlands and Morocco.

"I hope to stay connected with the Davis program,” Joan says, “and hopefully build a sustainable future where more programs like this are accessible to all."