Alumni at the very first National Posse Alumni Leadership Conference. The event is celebrating its 10th anniversary.
Alumni at the very first National Posse Alumni Leadership Conference. The event is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Alumni Conference Celebrates 10 Years

Spring 2018 | National

The 10th annual National Posse Alumni Leadership Conference (NPALC), is scheduled for Saturday, July 28, in New York City. The event promises much for attendees to be excited about.

In 1993 the very first Posse Scholars from Vanderbilt University graduated, forming the inaugural class of Posse alumni. Since then, the Posse alumni community has increased tremendously, with a current count of more than 4,000. That number is set to exceed 6,000 by 2020.

Established in 2009, the conference has grown alongside the Posse Alumni Network. It serves as the signature annual event for Posse alumni to come together, make connections and give back. The conference welcomes recent alumni and reconnects older ones—not just to their peers, but also to Posse’s core mission.

This year, Posse celebrates a decade of NPALC, an occasion to gather our unique professional leadership network.

“I am excited to see Posse alumni taking over the workforce,” says Sarah Martinez Roth, a Colby College Posse alumna who serves as PNAAC representative for Washington, D.C.“We’re holding leadership positions, getting degrees from the most competitive graduate schools in the country and supporting young alumni coming up every day.”

We're supporting young alumni coming up every day.

July’s NPALC will feature large and small education and networking sessions, and several esteemed presenters.

KooshTalks, a dynamic platform where alumni speak about work they are doing to tackle complex social problems, will return after its successful launch at the 2017 event. Breakout sessions focused on career paths, graduate schools and fellowship opportunities will engage, inform and connect alumni with one another and influential people throughout the day.

The event also includes the presentation of the 11th Ainslie Alumni Achievement Award, which acknowledges an alum who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and success while giving back to the world. Nominations for the Ainslie Award will open this April.

As a toast to a decade of growth and Posse’s future of dynamic and diverse leadership, a celebratory reception will close the NPALC day.

Stay tuned for registration information, coming soon!

Until then, be sure to log on to the Posse Portal, the best place to connect with fellow alumni. Make sure your profile is updated, and share your email to grow our network. Questions? Contact us at [email protected].