How Do I Attend a Retreat?

Any Posse Scholar can invite you to a PossePlus Retreat if you’re a student or faculty/staff member at any of Posse’s partner colleges and universities. Space is limited so connect with a Posse Scholar as soon as you can. You can check out which weekend your college is having its retreat.

You’re visiting this site for a reason …

A Posse Scholar or Mentor has probably told you already about The PossePlus Retreat and you’ve been given an invitation with more details about how to reserve a spot.

Retreat Weekend Date

PossePlus Retreats start on Friday afternoon and end on Sunday by noon. You can view a complete list of retreat dates by weekend and by school here.


Buses/Transportation will pick up retreat attendees at a specific location on your campus late Friday morning. Connect with your Posse Scholar host for specific details or check your PossePlus Retreat paper/PDF invitation.


You will have to officially register with a Posse Scholar, staff member or a contact at your college. We’ll need your full name, phone and email. Details should be in your invitation about who and when to register.

What to Bring to the Retreat

The retreat is often 1-2 hours away from campus. Accommodations vary, so make sure you ask your Posse Scholar host what necessities to bring.