The PossePlus Retreat

Every year, The Posse Foundation and Posse Scholars facilitate an annual weekend-long PossePlus Retreat attended by members of the larger student body, faculty and administration, with the goal of discussing an important campus issue identified by Posse Scholars. These annual retreats are made possible by Posse’s incredible partner colleges and universities.

The PossePlus Retreat

The PossePlus Retreat was started by the first Posses at Vanderbilt University who felt it was important to do something that would create a positive impact for the campus community. These first Posse Scholars worked closely with Posse staff to create The PossePlus Retreat, a weekend of interactive and challenging workshops designed to tackle important national and campus issues. In the past, retreats have dealt with themes of race, meritocracy, class, gender, power, social responsibility, education just to name a few previous topics. During a PossePlus Retreat weekend, a cross section of the campus community—students, faculty and administrators come together to talk about the topic on a national, campus and personal level. By creating a safe space for dialogue between campus community members who may not ordinarily interact with one another, retreats today have become an important forum to engage in social, cultural and political issues.

PossePlus Retreat Report

Download the 2013 Report on Class, Power and Privilege

Latest News

Scholars, Alums Receive Application Support from Grad School + Fellowships Program

Winter 2013

The Posse Foundation's Graduate School + Fellowships Program supports Scholars and alumni who are pursuing advanced degrees or competitive fellowship opportunities. Ten prestigious graduate school programs partner with Posse to offer scholarships.

Alumni Build Networks with Posse Portal

Winter 2013

Posse has enhanced its online system, The Posse Portal, to better serve Scholars and alumni as they maintain and build connections within the broad and resourceful alumni network.

Become a PNAAC Representative

Winter 2013

The Posse National Alumni Advisory Council (PNAAC) was established in 2008 to cultivate relationships among alumni through local and national events that promote networking and collaboration. Fourteen alumni currently serve on PNAAC as well as the Posse advisory boards in their respective cities.

180 Alumni Attend Posse Leadership Conference

Fall 2013

In August, 180 Posse alumni attended the fifth annual National Posse Alumni Leadership Conference in New York City. The day-long conference included a presentation by Posse President and Founder Deborah Bial, a keynote address by Demos Distinguished Fellow and author Bob Herbert, as well as presentations by more than 30 guest speakers.

Bucknell Alumna Wins Ainslie Achievement Award

Fall 2013

Nadia Marie Sasso, a graduate of Bucknell University, is the 2013 recipient of the Ainslie Alumni Achievement Award. During the annual National Posse Alumni Leadership Conference held in New York City this past August, Nadia was honored for her commitment to social responsibility and her ability to inspire others.

Alum Wins Fellowship, Founds Detroit Youth Program

Summer 2013

When Brentt Baltimore graduated from Claremont McKenna College in 2010, he had a coveted analyst position at Credit Suisse in Los Angeles, California. But, after two years of long hours, he wondered what else he might accomplish with his degree in finance and economics.

Middlebury Alumna Develops National Entrepreneurship Program in Uganda

Spring 2013

Angelica Towne graduated from Middlebury College five years ago determined to use her education to empower youth in developing countries around the world. Today, the international studies major is the co-founder and country director of Educate!, a national youth leadership development organization that works with thousands of students and young entrepreneurs in Uganda.