Fall 2017| Posse Veterans Quarterly


Wesleyan Vet Scholar Leads On And Off Campus

Gabrielle “Gabe” Hurlock, a sophomore veteran Scholar at Wesleyan University, has impressively blended entrepreneurialism and intellectual exploration during her first year on campus.

Gabe is a student in the school’s prestigious College of Letters, where she will be studying world literature with a focus on Hebrew literature. The latter is an interest she picked up during her transition to Wesleyan.

Gabe also founded and presides over SOPHIA, Wesleyan’s first student group to focus on and popularize African American women in the history of philosophy. Jill Morawski, a professor of psychology at Wesleyan and the Posse’s mentor, emphasizes that Gabe has emerged as a mentor to young women in her work with SOPHIA and in general on campus.

This past summer, Gabe was especially active. In June, she partnered with fellow Wesleyan veteran Scholar Dennis White to help found and run a college access nonprofit. The Appalachian Scholar Project aims to prepare high school graduates in rural West Virginia for liberal arts education. Dennis, the president of the organization, says of Gabe, “Without her, this project would not have been the success that it’s been.”

As Gabe begins her sophomore year at Wesleyan, she looks forward to advancing in Hebrew studies and continuing in her other full-time roles as an activist and mentor on campus.

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