Fall 2016| Posse Boston Quarterly


​State Street EVP Leaves Strong Legacy

Paul Selian, the executive vice president and international treasurer at State Street, stepped down from his chairmanship of the Posse Boston Advisory Board. He is succeeded by Bain Capital Operating Partner Annie Seibold Drapeau. Paul joined the advisory board in 2009, and became chair and a member of Posse’s national board in 2010. During his tenure he contributed to incredible growth at the organization.

“The past several years with Posse have been both productive and meaningful,” says Paul. “The people associated with Posse—students, volunteers, sponsors, staff and Board—are tremendous. The power of Posse is that it impacts people's lives and, in so doing, transforms not just individuals but communities, colleges and companies.”

Paul oversaw an overall 20 percent increase in revenue for Posse Boston, allowing investment in new and expanding projects and programs. He recruited more than a dozen new members for the Posse Boston Advisory Board, helping to solidify its sustainability into the future. He also helped bring on more than 20 Career Program partners, greatly expanding professional opportunities for Posse Scholars and alumni.

Paul’s efforts brought about an increased investment by State Street, now one of Posse’s most ardent supporters. Since 2010, State Street Corporation and Foundation have given more than $600,000 in sponsorships and grant awards to Posse. State Street has hired 10 Posse alumni for full-time positions and the State Street Black Professionals Group has hosted six large-group student interviews. In 2015, State Street Corporation and Chairman Joseph L. Hooley were recognized at Posse’s annual gala in honor of their incredible commitment to the success of urban students in Boston and across the nation.

“Paul's dedication to the Posse Scholars and leadership of the Boston board has demonstrated how deeply he cares about helping to provide greater access to education for Boston kids," says Posse President and Founder Deborah Bial. "He has done so much to make sure Posse Boston is engrained in the community. We are truly grateful to him."

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