Fall 2015| Posse Chicago Quarterly


Pomona Alum Begins Law Career at Schiff Hardin

Ermelinda Villagomez, a member of Pomona College’s fourth graduating Posse from Chicago, earned her J.D. from Columbia University and this fall begins her career as a first-year associate at Schiff Hardin.

As an undergraduate, Ermelinda interned with Sedgwick LLP, an international litigation and business law firm and a Posse Career Program partner. This experience cemented her interest in the legal system that developed after her father was killed in a senseless act of gun violence.

“It was through that experience that I first understood the ability lawyers possess to use law as a tool for those who do not have the skill or knowledge to navigate the system,” says Ermelinda. “Having seen the prosecutors advocate on behalf of my family and my father, I knew then that that was what I wanted to do with my life.”

Once at Columbia, Ermelinda completed internships with Business and Professional People for the Public Interest, an independent public interest law and policy center and Schiff Hardin, a national general practice law firm.

After so many years of living away from her hometown, Ermelinda is excited to return to Chicago and connect to the city’s Posse alumni community.

“Posse gave me a support system that did not end in college, but one that will continue for a lifetime,” says Ermelinda.

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