Fall 2017| Posse Miami Quarterly


Mount Holyoke Alumna Receives Prestigious Bardwell Fellowship

Dominique Mortimer, a Posse alumna and 2015 graduate of Mount Holyoke College, has been awarded the Bardwell Memorial Fellowship from her alma mater.

The coveted fellowship is granted by the Mount Holyoke College Alumnae Association to a recent graduate for use towards their field of work or place of study.

Dominique recently finished her second year at Florida State University’s College of Law. She credits her passion for understanding the law to experiences at Mount Holyoke as a member of the College Democrats and as a student liaison for the politics department. Dominique also worked with prospective students for the college as a Harriet Newhall Fellow.

Dominique’s ultimate draw to applying to law school, however, was the critical thinking and passionate discussions she had in her undergraduate political courses. Dominique’s hope is that a career in law will give her an increased ability to help others.

Now beginning her final year of graduate school, Dominque will soon start preparing to take the bar exam. In addition to that focused prep, she will take an experiential skills course that will allow her to use the liberal arts perspective she gained at Mount Holyoke, in practical training for a legal career in advocacy and mediation.

In her third year at Florida State, Dominique also plans to maintain her role as a student mentor and advocate for the Black Law Students Association.

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