Winter 2017| Posse Chicago Quarterly


Michigan Welcomes First STEM Posse

The University of Michigan’s first STEM Posse—seven young women and three young men who will each pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering and math—matriculated this fall.

In addition to traditional Posse programming, the inaugural STEM Posse spent two weeks on Michigan’s campus for a summer immersion program before beginning their first semester. Scholars participated in day-long workshops, conducted research in Michigan’s robotics lab, and toured Mcity, a unique test facility on campus for evaluating the capabilities of connected and automated vehicles and systems.

“Posse’s summer immersion program provided a unique opportunity for our Scholars to explore Michigan’s campus and get a feel for Ann Arbor before matriculation,” said Asaf Bar-Tura, Posse Chicago’s director. “This program has proven beneficial as Scholars are exceeding expectations in their second semester on campus.”

Scholars also met with Sandra Gregerman, the director of the undergraduate research opportunity program, and Susan H. Brown, Ph.D., an associate professor in the School of Kinesiology.

The Posse STEM Program was developed in 2006 to help institutions of higher education recruit and retain students from diverse backgrounds to the STEM disciplines. Now, 10 years later, 11 colleges and universities select STEM Posses each year. 

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