Summer 2015| Posse D.C. Quarterly


First Rochester Posse Establishes Campus Presence

At the close of their first year on campus, Scholars from the first Posse to attend the University of Rochester are establishing the roots of leadership in the classroom, on campus and in the local community.

Marisela Lara conducted research on domestic violence, motivation and addiction at the University of Rochester Medical Center with women who have gone through the Rochester Correctional Facility. Inspired by the 2015 PossePlus Retreat, during which students, staff, and faculty members from the University of Rochester participated in active discussions about crime and punishment, Marisela will continue her research this summer.

“As a research assistant, I speak with recently released women about their personal lives, study their body language and analyze changes in their speech patterns,” says Marisela. “Through this experience, I have expanded my future career goals within the neuroscience field.”

Kristi Thomas is one of only three first-year students selected to be a resident of the Douglas Leadership House, an intellectual community where students nurture their leadership skills by engaging with peers from diverse backgrounds.

In addition, eight of the 10 Posse members were selected as Kearns Center Scholars and will participate in ongoing workshops exploring research projects and career goals in the STEM fields. There are just over 110 undergraduate students enrolled in the competitive program, which aims to expand the educational pipeline through the doctoral level for low-income, first-generation college, and underrepresented minority students.

“My first year on campus was eye opening. Through the Kearns Center, I learned to count on others while also supporting them and improving my own performance,” says engineering major Josue Hernandez, who is also one of four Scholars in the Minority Male Leadership Association, which provides mentorship to foster a community of young men focused on success.

As these Scholars return to Rochester in the fall, they will be joined on campus by the second Rochester Posse, another group of outstanding young leaders. We look forward to their continued success on campus and beyond. 

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