Winter 2017| Posse Los Angeles Quarterly


Dickinson Scholar Studies Literature at Oxford

Janel Pineda (Dickinson Posse 10) studied abroad at Oxford University this fall, where she took several literature classes, including a seminar on Toni Morrison.

Scholar Janel Pineda is studying at Oxford University in the United Kingdom through Dickinson College’s study abroad program. A sophomore majoring in English literature, Janel is the first woman and the first student of color from Dickinson to be accepted to the program.

At Oxford, Janel’s primary tutorials focus on Toni Morrison and confessional poetry. A member of an intersectional feminist reading group, her research is centered on the exclusion of women of color from the confessional poetry movement.

Janel’s work has been published in comprehensive literary survey of Central American writers living in the United States called, The Wandering Song. “This one will always be special to me; to have my work included in this collection means so, very, very much,” said Janel.

Janel looks forward to seeing her fellow Posse Scholars take advantage of study abroad opportunities.

“I hope Scholars seek out opportunities that excite them––even ones they never could have imagined,” says Janel. “There are so many people willing to invest in your success and help you as best as they can; but the first step is always to ask for help.”

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