Fall 2017| Posse National Newsletter


BU Scholar Designs Future In Boston and Beyond

Remy Usman, a junior at Boston University (BU), is a graphic design major bringing her creative eye to the world.

Last year, she expanded her design horizons by studying abroad in Venice, Italy, where she had a chance to work alongside professors at a local design studio. She particularly enjoyed wandering the streets of the pedestrian-friendly city. “The work culture was very different in Venice. I had a lot more down time, so I could explore,” she says.

This past summer, Remy built her resume as a full-time graphics intern with Georgia’s Cobb County Public Library System. She was invited to redesign the library’s logo and visual identity, eventually presenting her proposal to the board of directors.

“They really enjoyed my designs and are going to pursue [implementing some of the ideas],” she says. “It’s an opportunity that someone at my level doesn’t usually get, so it was pretty awesome.”

Most recently, Remy co-founded a new print publication, Charcoal, with two other Posse Scholars—fellow junior Adia Turner and sophomore Bradley Noble.

“It’s a magazine that showcases artwork by students of color,” says Remy. The initial focus is on students at BU, “but maybe it will branch out. There really isn’t anything like it at any of the other neighboring schools.”

Returning to campus after her time in Italy, she is looking forward to reuniting with members of her Posse and with her Posse mentor, BU Assistant Provost Sue Kennedy.

“We won’t be back together completely until senior year, because other people are studying abroad,” says Remy. “But I’m excited to see everyone again. It’ll be like family.”

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