Spring 2017| Posse Bay Area Quarterly


Bay Area Scholars Begin Pre-Collegiate Training

In preparation for their matriculation to college this fall, Posse Bay Area’s newest Scholars have begun Pre-Collegiate Training (PCT).

The goal of PCT is to prepare Scholars for leadership roles on campus and for the high-level academic expectations of their colleges. The weekly workshops are facilitated by Posse trainers and focus on leadership, academic excellence, cross-cultural communication, and teambuilding. PCT is a unique opportunity for the Posse to begin forming relationships in a fun, honest, and safe space.

Ronunique Clark was nominated for the Posse Scholarship by her high school counselor, Alix Coupet, a Pomona Posse alumnus. Currently a senior at REALM Charter High School in Richmond, Ronunique will attend Boston University this fall as part of the institution’s first Bay Area Posse.

“When we first started PCT, I knew I was getting prepared, but did not know how,” says Ronunique. “Now I get it. We have discussions that you normally can’t have with other teenagers or even friends. I can’t wait to learn what we’re going to talk about in PCT each week.”

“There’s something really special that happens during PCT,” says Posse Bay Area Director Farah Elakhaoui. “For the first time, the support network we spend so much time talking about becomes real. Scholars begin to see the potential of their Posse as they build relationships and have real conversations.”

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