Spring 2016| Posse Boston Quarterly


Alumni Bring Posse Network To Mayor’s Office

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is halfway to having a full Posse in his administration. Trinity College alumnus Sebastian Ebarb, Bryn Mawr College alumna Gabrielle Farrell, Bucknell University alumnus Orville Joseph, Denison University alumnus Chris Moore, and Grinnell College alumna Gina Physic each work in a different area of city government.

"I thank The Posse Foundation for investing in our youth and empowering them to achieve their dreams," said Mayor Walsh. "The Posse Foundation shows us how much potential and talent we have in the City of Boston, and in the region. I'm lucky to have five Posse Scholars within Boston City Hall. They have been remarkable leaders and assets here and have made a world of difference in the City of Boston. I look forward to continuing my work with them as we build a stronger city for many generations of leaders to come."

Sebastian is a designer for the Department of Innovation and Technology, Gabrielle Farrell was the associate press secretary before recently becoming deputy chief of staff of communications for Boston Public Schools, Orville is a housing specialist for the Office of Fair Housing & Equity, Chris is the manager of international partnerships in the Mayor’s Office of Tourism, Sports and Entertainment, and Gina is a digital media specialist for the Boston Redevelopment Authority. Through the Posse Alumni Network, this group of alumni were able to discover opportunities to serve under the Mayor.

“Gabrielle pointed me in the direction of the Boston Redevelopment Authority,” says Gina. “Without Posse, I would have missed these connections and opportunities.”

“Posse had a major influence on my decision to work for the constituents of Boston because of the relationships I shared with alumni who work for the Mayor,” says Orville.

The remarkable relationship between Posse and the Walsh administration demonstrates a shared commitment to nurturing leadership and the belief that a dedicated, diverse group of people can be a catalyst for community development.

"Mayor Walsh understands the core meaning behind Posse,” says Gabrielle. “We rise together as a team and move forward together as a community. My work at City Hall has fulfilled the promise of Posse in ways I've never expected. I've been able to define my own success by lifting up the community I came from."

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