National Posse Alumni Leadership Conference

With more than 3,600 alumni, The Posse Foundation is achieving its most important goal – to create a new kind of professional leadership network. The Posse alumni network is one unlike any that our country has seen before and one that will more accurately represent the demographics of this nation.

Special Thanks to sponsors Goodwin Procter and The New York Times.

8th Annual National Posse Alumni Leadership Conference – July 23, 2016

  • More than 200 alumni, staff and guests gathered in New York City to attend the National Posse Alumni Leadership Conference, which was sponsored by Goodwin Procter and The New York Times.
  • Posse President and Founder Deborah Bial delivered an engaging presentation about some of the most pressing issues involving diversity in the workplace
  • In workshops inspired by PossePlus Retreats, alumni participated in engaging conversations about how personal backgrounds and identities shape the values one brings to the workforce. They also worked together to come up with possible strategies and action plans for how they can influence their workplaces to be more inclusive.
  • The 2016 Ainslie Alumni Achievement Award was presented to Lafayette College Posse alumna Laquan Lightfoot in recognition of her exemplary leadership experience and commitment to serving her community as an assistant district attorney in Philadelphia.
  • Representatives from several Posse Career Program partners joined networking sessions with Posse alumni working within their fields.
  • Posse welcomed panelists from its graduate school affiliates and major fellowship programs to offer alumni practical advice about pursuing graduate degrees and career advancement.

Alumni Testimonials

Christian Aparicio (Claremont McKenna Posse 2, Los Angeles) “It’s a great way to connect to alumni from around the country, refuel and be a part of the stories Posse alum will be telling next year. You never know what connections you’ll make here.”

Shawn Jenkins (Franklin & Marshall Posse 2, New York) “For me it’s refreshing and energizing to see this alumni network in action. You hear about it, but you rarely get to see it. I personally feel inspired by the sense of connectedness.”

Einah Pelaez (Lehigh Posse 2, New York) “The conference gives me a chance to re-experience what Posse is all about. If a group like this gathered every day, we’d have a better country.”

Latest News

Deloitte Partner Joins National, Local Boards

Summer 2017

Last fall Steve Gallucci, Tri-State managing partner of Deloitte, joined Posse’s national board of directors and recently was named chair of the foundation’s local New York advisory board.

Hamilton Scholar Sees Future in Community Service

Summer 2017

When Betsy Ramirez first learned about Posse at her Miami high school, she recalls, the “focus on leadership and the ability to make change is what stuck with me.”

For Davidson’s Chris Gruber, Admissions Is Personal

Summer 2017

As vice president and dean of admission and financial aid at Davidson College, Chris Gruber works alongside 30 colleagues on the recruitment, selection and enrollment of each new class.

Newman’s Own Supports Posse Veterans, Grads

Summer 2017

Newman’s Own Foundation has awarded Posse more than $600K in grants since 2010.

Grinnell Alumnus Launches High School in LA

Summer 2017

Erin Whalen always knew he wanted to leave Los Angeles and experience life away from home.