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Fall 2017

Wesleyan Vet Scholar Leads On And Off Campus

​Gabrielle “Gabe” Hurlock, a rising sophomore veteran Scholar at Wesleyan University, has impressively blended entrepreneurialism and intellectual exploration during her first year on campus. Read More

Fall 2017

EY Offers Career Coaching to Vet Scholars

​Since the inception of the career coaching component of the Posse Career Program in 2014, Posse Scholars and alumni have benefited from one-on-one support from industry-leading professionals at many of Posse’s 175 corporate partners. Read More

Spring 2017

Posse Veterans Program Welcomes New Class of Scholars

​In January, three new Posses for the Veterans Program were welcomed to Vassar College, Wesleyan University and Dartmouth College. Read More

Spring 2017

Posse Veteran Explores Environmental Research

​Posse Veteran Comus Hardman IV is a sophomore at Vassar College with a passion for life sciences. Read More

Spring 2017

Veterans Scholar Wins Seed Grant for College Access Organization

​This summer, Dennis White will launch his own nonprofit venture thanks to a prestigious Seed Grant of $5,000 from Wesleyan University. White, a Veteran Scholar and sophomore at Wesleyan, aims to improve college access for high-achieving rural public high school students in his home state of West Virginia through the launch of the “Appalachian Scholars Project.” Read More

Winter 2017

Vassar Scholar Spreads Awareness About Food Waste

​Vassar Scholar Huy Nguyen excels at balancing his academics and giving back to his community in a meaningful way. Read More

Fall 2016

​Veterans Scholars Intern at Moody’s & Federal Reserve

Veterans Program Scholars Patrick Hood and Brian Barkman Jr. were hired for prestigious summer internships in New York City at Moody’s and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, respectively. Read More

Fall 2016

​Vassar Scholar Awarded Business Venture Fellowship

Eduardo De La Torre, a senior Veteran Posse Scholar, was awarded Vassar College’s Rudnick Fellowship, which provides financial support for Vassar College students pursuing entrepreneurial ventures. Read More

Fall 2016

​Wesleyan Scholar Gives Back as Mentor, Peer Advisor

Scholar Michael Smith, who served in the Army Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve, provides support to refugees, mentors at a local school, serves as a peer advisor, and was selected to serve on the Student Judicial Board. Read More

Fall 2016

​Five Vets Scholars Selected from Northern Virginia Community College

This fall, five former students of Northern Virginia Community College will attend Dartmouth College, Vassar College and Wesleyan University with their Posses. Read More

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