Summer 2015| Posse Houston Quarterly


Volunteer Writing Coach Helps Prepare Scholars for Success

Kelly Krohn, the executive director of To Educate All Children (TEACH), which provides educators with intensive training to cultivate safe and productive classrooms, has been a Posse volunteer since 2013. As a writing coach for University of Virginia Posse Scholars, Kelly’s goal is to help Scholars establish their writing styles and become confident with their voice.

Kelly conducts seven weekly writing workshops with her Scholars in addition to meeting individually with each one to share feedback. Her personal connection to the Scholars combined with her skills as a coach are integral to the success of Scholars once they arrive on campus.

A graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, Kelly learned about Posse Houston from advisory board member Grace Kim. She volunteered during the Posse recruiting process, the Dynamic Assessment Process, and has been a committed resource for Scholars and Posse staff ever since.

"Kelly is an amazing writer and she is dedicated and passionate about helping our UVA Scholars,” says Grace. “Her keen interest in education coupled with her energetic personality makes her the ideal Posse volunteer!"

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