Winter 2015| Posse Houston Quarterly


Texas A&M Associate Dean Supports STEM Scholars

Dr. Timothy P. Scott, the associate dean for undergraduate programs in the College of Science at Texas A&M University, is the faculty mentor for the university’s second STEM Posse from Houston. As a mentor, his role helps ensure that Scholars are successful on campus.

“The mentor component of the Posse Program is critical to the success of the students,” says Scott McDonald, Texas A&M’s assistant vice president and director of admissions. “Dr. Scott’s compassion for student success made him an excellent choice.”

As co-director of Texas A&M’s Center for Mathematics and Science Education, Dr. Scott provides oversight for math and science research and professional development programs while also advising policy makers on strategies to enhance science literacy, which has attracted more than $27 million in funding.

“The most exciting part of my job is just getting to play just a very small role in a young person’s life—providing support and encouragement and seeing what they do with it,” Dr. Scott says. “I’ve always wanted all students to be challenged academically, to deepen their ability to solve real-world problems and to grow as individual leaders.”

Dr. Scott will meet regularly with his Posse for the next two years, overseeing group and individual meetings that will challenge Scholars to maximize the opportunities available to them as undergraduates.

In only its second year as a Posse partner institution, Texas A&M University is already supporting 40 Scholars on campus. In addition to selecting a STEM Posse from Houston each year, the university supports a traditional Posse from Atlanta. 

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