Summer 2013| Posse Atlanta Quarterly


Syracuse Scholars Prepare to Pay It Forward

This summer, first-year Syracuse Posse Scholars Jacob Friesen Grant, Paige Banks and Alexandria “Alex” Pritchett will be interning in Atlanta with Career Program partner Breakthrough Collaborative, an academic preparation program for underserved students that also trains strong high school and college students as teachers.

While Jacob and Alex are enrolled in Syracuse’s Newhouse School of Communications and Alex is a student in the Whitman School of Business, all three are committed to strengthening educational opportunities in their home city. They will be teaching seventh and eighth graders in core subjects such as English, math and science and will also have the opportunity to lead enrichment classes such as step dancing and debate.  

“Knowing that I’ll be working with my Posse members makes me feel a little more confident,” says Jacob. “Mentorship is something that I’m really interested in, and this internship is a great opportunity to do that.”

In addition to the impact that they will have on students in the program, Jacob, Paige and Alex are looking forward to developing their professional and leadership skills in the classroom.

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