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Successful Small Business Owner Coaches Houston Scholars

Posse Houston volunteer MaryBeth Smith, a lifestyle educator.

Through her small business, Move Sleep Eat, lifestyle educator MaryBeth Smith helps people transform their lives. She connected with The Posse Foundation’s mission to transform the face of leadership and signed up to be part of the process for identifying and training the first Scholars from Posse Houston.

As a volunteer during the Dynamic Assessment Process (DAP), Posse’s unique evaluation method for potential Scholars, MaryBeth experienced first-hand the powerful process she first learned about from her daughter, a Posse staff member in New Orleans.

“I knew this was a powerful culture that stressed the importance of team fit,” says MaryBeth. “The process was fascinating.”

MaryBeth then signed on to volunteer during Pre-Collegiate Training as a writing coach to help prepare the Texas A&M University Posse for the rigor of a college curriculum.

“It was a rich experience; I learned as much from them as they learned from me” says MaryBeth. “I fell in love with all of them; there is so much potential in these students.”

MaryBeth plans to volunteer during DAP this fall and as a writing coach in the spring.

"Passionate, dedicated volunteers like MaryBeth are a huge part of the reason Posse Houston's first year has been so successful," says Posse Houston Director Kamari J. Brewer.

If you are interested in volunteering with Posse Houston, please contact Adela Khan at or (832) 397-5399.

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