Spring 2013| Posse National Newsletter


PossePlus Retreats Tackle Class, Power, Privilege

Each year, Posse Scholars identify an important issue to explore with the larger campus community at a weekend retreat called the PossePlus Retreat (PPR). This year’s PPRs entitled, “What’s Your Worth?" challenged 3,500 participants at 37 Posse partner colleges and universities to discuss the topic of class, power and privilege in America.

The PPRs tackled issues such as meritocracy, income disparity, the American Dream and social mobility. Lively workshops encouraged participants to consider how these concepts are manifest on campus, in their personal lives, the political arena and the world at large.

A special video presentation featuring Joe Stiglitz, a Nobel Laureate and a professor of economics at Columbia University, and Bob Herbert, a journalist and a distinguished senior fellow at political think tank DEMOS, offered insightful perspectives on the notion of America as the land of opportunity.

At the end of the weekend, participants were encouraged to continue the constructive conversations, begun at the retreats, on campus.

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