Fall 2017| Posse Miami Quarterly


Posse Scholar Thrives At Syracuse U.

As she begins senior year at Syracuse University, Kennedy Patlan can reflect on growth both professionally and personally over her past three years at school.

A triple major across three different colleges at the university, she is currently studying advertising, citizenship and civic engagement, and women's and gender studies.

As a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America for the past three years, Kennedy has taught younger students technical public relations skills and has helped them to create their own campaigns. She participated in the group’s partnership with the Office of Government and Community Relations to create a voter registration campaign that ultimately registered over 500 students on the Syracuse campus.

In addition to serving as the assistant director of human resources for the on-campus public relations firm and as a Syracuse Philanthropy Council member, Kennedy also sits on two advisory boards: the Student Affairs Advisory Board and the New Campus Facilities Advisory Board.

Kennedy has had a lifelong passion for social issues and found that Syracuse University opened a great platform for her to focus on advocacy work. She hopes that sharing her story will allow others to learn about new perspectives and that she will ultimately leave a mark on campus.

“Though it's grammatically incorrect, one of my biggest drivers is to ‘do more good’,” Kennedy says. “I don't know where I'll be post-grad just yet, [but] I'll always know where I came from. And that's Posse.”

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