Winter 2013| Posse New York Quarterly


Posse Alumnus Continues Legacy of Leadership in U.S. Army

Captain Tony Wang, alumnus of Dickinson Posse 4.

Tony Wang is a captain in the U.S. Army and a Posse alumnus. Even as a high school student, he knew that he wanted to both go to college and to serve his country in the armed forces—the latter desire inspired by the events of 9/11. Tony was especially interested in attending Dickinson College, which has a Reserve Officers’ Training Corp (ROTC) program. He was ecstatic upon learning he was admitted. 

“From that moment forward, it all connected for me,” says Tony. “I realized I wanted to take advantage of all opportunities the U.S. provided to my family and me.”

Tony’s accomplishments on campus reveal the leader he is today. He was team captain of the Ranger Challenge Team as an upperclassman—a nationwide annual Army ROTC competition testing fitness, military tactics and leadership skills—and in his senior year was chosen to be the cadet battalion commander of Dickinson’s Army ROTC program.

“This position held me as the highest ranking cadet, with a responsibility of training other cadets, guiding the ROTC program on campus and being advisor to the professor of military science,” says Tony.

Following his graduation in 2008, Tony began active duty Army training as a second lieutenant in field artillery. After four years of service and two deployments—first to Iraq and then to Afghanistan—Tony earned the rank of captain. His experience as a Posse Scholar and ROTC graduate contributed to his becoming a strong platoon leader.

“Each week my team and I discussed issues, possible solutions and future strategies,” says Tony, who credits this approach with helping to keep morale high among members of his team.

This winter The Posse Foundation selected the inaugural class of its Veterans Posse Program, designed to support the educational aspirations of former servicemen and women. Recognizing the leadership skills, drive and determination of his fellow veterans, Tony is thrilled that the Veterans Posse Program will offer his comrades the same support he received as a Scholar.

Returning to civilian life later this year, Tony is looking forward to exploring his career options and discovering ways to transfer the skills he developed as both a Posse Scholar and as a captain to his future career.

“I know the Posse alumni network and Career Program provide great resources, which will ease my transition,” says Tony.

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