Winter 2013| Posse Chicago Quarterly


Pomona Scholar Charts Path to Career in Organic Chemistry

Scholar Marvin Vega (Pomona Posse 5) at work in the lab.

Marvin Vega, a senior chemistry major at Pomona College, is conducting unique research within the college’s organic chemistry department to synthesize elements of organic compounds that can be used as antibiotics.

“This work has really taught me that patience is a virtue,” says Marvin. “The work in the laboratory is rewarding because it’s so challenging, and I have to learn from all my failures.”

At Chicago’s Lane Tech High School, Marvin discovered a passion for science. At Pomona, his experience in the classroom combined with the encouragement and guidance of Pomona faculty gave him the skills and mindset needed to participate in cutting-edge chemistry research. He credits Pomona and Posse with changing his life.

“I’m so glad that I was a Posse Scholar,” says Marvin. “One of the greatest feelings in my life was the day I knew that I had won a full-tuition scholarship to Pomona.”

Marvin is also a teaching assistant and enjoys mentoring younger students.

“I spend all my free time in the laboratory,” says Marvin. “I want to be sure that other students receive the same guidance that I did.”

Marvin hopes to one day become a professor and to continue his work in the laboratory to find cures for diseases. He is currently applying to Ph.D. programs in chemistry.

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