Summer 2017| Posse National Newsletter


Newman’s Own Supports Posse Veterans, Grads

Newman’s Own Foundation has awarded Posse more than $600K in grants since 2010. The generous contributions have been instrumental in aiding program expansion and building career opportunities for Scholars and alumni.

Paul Newman started Newman’s Own, the food and beverage company, with the idea of donating all profits to charity. He created Newman’s Own Foundation in 2005 to continue that legacy, focusing support on the encouragement of philanthropy, children with life-limiting conditions, nutrition, and empowerment—particularly the empowerment of veterans.

In 2012, Newman’s Own Foundation helped fund the launch of the Posse Veterans Program, which supports the college aspirations of post-9/11 U.S. veterans.

“Posse has done great work in taking its special experience and model and shaping it to support our veteran population,” said Robert Forrester, the president and CEO of Newman’s Own Foundation. “We are proud to be a founding funder of the Posse Veterans Program, which is a square fit with what we are trying to accomplish.”

Newman’s Own Foundation has donated $400K in total to ensure the program’s continued success.

In further collaboration, Posse also recruits Scholars to apply for the Newman’s Own Foundation Fellowship, which matches recent college graduates with one-year paid positions at nonprofits.

“We wanted to give top college graduates an opportunity to learn about and experience the nonprofit sector, because many nonprofits are not able to go to college campuses to recruit,” says Kelly Giordano, the managing director of Newman’s Own Foundation.

Since opening its doors, Newman’s Own Foundation has donated more than $495 million to charitable organizations around the world. Posse is honored to be part of Paul Newman’s philanthropic legacy. 

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