Spring 2015| Posse Los Angeles Quarterly


New Scholars Draw Career Inspiration from Posse Alumni

In March, Los Angeles’ Career Program managers facilitated a workshop for its newest Scholars to highlight the leadership and diversity of the Posse Alumni Network. Scholars read and reflected on the profiles of accomplished Posse alumni who are leaders in business, education, medicine, the arts, consulting, advertising, entrepreneurship and social justice.

According to Scholars, the activity was inspirational and thought-provoking as it encouraged them to draw connections between their academic and career goals with those of successful alumni. Derek Moore, who will matriculate at Hobart and William Smith Colleges this fall, was struck by the story of Vanderbilt Posse alumna Veronica Savage who now serves as the school social worker at her high school alma mater.

“[Posse] gave me this opportunity to make not just a better future for myself, but for others,” said Derek. “I want to create opportunities for others too.”

During Pre-Collegiate Training (PCT), newly selected Scholars attend weekly workshops with their peers and Posse trainers from January through August. These workshops help prepare Scholars for leadership roles on campus and the high-level academic expectations of their colleges in addition to introducing them to the resources such as the Posse Career Program available and the powerful, diverse alumni network.

“Emphasizing the importance of the Career Program during PCT has resulted in higher scholar engagement with our career partners, professional development workshops and internships before they even get to campus,” says Posse Los Angeles Director Tamara Craver.

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