Summer 2014| Posse New York Quarterly


Michael C. Fina Executive Supports Posse

Posse New York Advisory Board member Guy Wisinski, the director of business development for luxury jeweler Michael C. Fina.

Guy Wisinski, the director of business development for luxury jeweler Michael C. Fina, is a spirited champion of Posse’s mission to change the face of leadership in this country. He joined the Posse New York Advisory Board in 2013 and invests his time and resources to promote the Posse program.

“Many of the major universities in the country see what is going on at Posse, and are clamoring for inclusion,” says Guy. “I can’t wait for Posse’s expansion in terms of partner institutions.”

Growing up in a small northern New Hampshire town where only 10 percent of high school seniors graduated from college, Guy was motivated to succeed. He attended Plymouth State University while working several jobs and having leadership positions on campus. He also developed a close-knit group of friends who were, in essence, his posse.

“I see that same motivation in Posse Scholars, and I relate powerfully to this desire to achieve, irrespective of one’s background,” says Guy.

Guy begun his career as a sales professional, earning accolades and recognition along the way for his performance. He currently leads the Michael C. Fina sales force and is chairman of the company’s President’s Advisory Council, working very closely with ownership and senior management.

“Diverse backgrounds create a great environment for learning,” says Guy. “This is something I’ve found from my business experience.”

Guy is committed to education and community development. In addition to his involvement with Posse, he has coached little league and football in Connecticut for 20 seasons and is a mentor to several young people. He is proud that his children, who work with the largest handicapped little league in the country, also value the importance of giving back. 

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