Summer 2013| Posse New York Quarterly


Consulting Firm Executive Begins Second Term with Posse Advisory Board

Broadreach Group Chief Operating Officer Engy Lamour.

Engy Lamour, a Posse alumnus from Brandeis University, is beginning his second term as the Posse National Alumni Advisory Council (PNAAC) representative to the Posse New York Advisory Board. PNAAC works to engage Posse alumni philanthropically, further relationships between alumni and Posse, and provide alumni with leadership, networking and professional development opportunities.

“As Scholars and alumni, we don’t necessarily see everything that goes into making Posse a success,” says Engy, the chief operating officer and managing director for Broadreach Group, a boutique consulting firm that caters to hedge funds. “As a PNAAC representative, you learn the business side that involves financial planning, raising capital and many other aspects.”

Engy and Nicole Tsemelis, a Trinity College alumna and also a PNAAC representative for Posse New York, bring invaluable insight to board meetings and decisions thanks to their perspective as Scholars and alumni. They work together to engage over 700 Posse alumni living in New York, encouraging participation at annual events such as the National Posse Alumni Leadership Conference, the Power of 10 fundraiser and the Alumni Holiday Celebration.

“I would like to leave a legacy where alumni programming is institutionalized,” says Engy. “An initiative I would love to see come to fruition is a speaker series.”

In addition to his involvement with Posse, for three years Engy has been volunteering through iMentor, a mentoring organization for high school students from low-income communities. He also works closely with the Excellence Boys Charter School in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York, and he is a member of the Haitian-American Roundtable, an organization of Haitian-American professionals who promote civic engagement.

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