Summer 2017| Posse National Newsletter


Hamilton Scholar Sees Future in Community Service

Betsy Ramirez is a sophomore at Hamilton College.

When Betsy Ramirez first learned about Posse at her Miami high school, she recalls, the “focus on leadership and the ability to make change is what stuck with me.”

Now a sophomore at Hamilton College, Betsy has taken that first impression to heart.

Betsy is involved in the local community with the Hamilton Association for Volunteering, Outreach and Charity and recently completed a communications internship with the local Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA). At the DCA, she was responsible for compiling research and writing speaking points for the commissioner on new laws and policies.

Betsy intends to double-major in philosophy and government, which she sees as important fields of study for her future goals.

“I really want to be engaged in my community,” Betsy says. “I want to help people in my career and my life.”

Betsy’s focus on others has been acknowledged by Hamilton with the Kirkland Scholarship, given to students who demonstrate a particular commitment to the needs of women. On campus, she also makes time for a wide range of interests, from coordinating TEDx events to training for a powerlifting competition where she took first place in her weight class.

Growing up in Miami, hard work and the importance of education was instilled in Betsy and her brother by their single mom. Still, she says, “I didn’t know if I was going to go to college. It’s amazing to have so many resources and opportunities because of Posse.” 

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