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Hamilton Posse Alumni Open for Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi with Anthony Mathieu and Kadahj Bennett (both Hamilton Posse 8). [photo credit: Nancy L. Ford]

Hamilton Posse 8 alumni Kadahj Bennett and Anthony Mathieu opened for Jon Bon Jovi and the Kings of Suburbia at a benefit concert for Hamilton College on December 5, 2012, at the Best Buy Theater in New York City.

Kadahj performed with his hip-hop band, The DownBeat Keys, a group he formed while at Hamilton College and for which he is the lyricist and lead vocalist. Anthony was a featured rapper on songs he and Kadahj had collaborated on.

“These are the kinds of progressions musicians can only dream of,” says Anthony. “To be part of this experience is an ultimate privilege.”

In addition to the honor of opening for a world-renowned performer, Kadahj and Anthony were excited to give back to Hamilton, where their musical talents were nurtured. As a result of his studies, Kadahj has been able to root his creativity in various artistic and aesthetic movements as well as incorporate sociology and social commentary into his music.

“I would say that Hamilton brought intellectualism to my art,” says Kadahj.

“[Hamilton] gave me the experience and performance opportunities needed to inform my personal on-stage style,” says Anthony.

The concert raised funds for new scholarships and arts facilities at Hamilton College.

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