Summer 2015| Posse Miami Quarterly


F&M STEM Scholar Committed to Scientific Discovery

Franklin & Marshall College Posse Scholar Max Aleman.

With a passion for studying plants and the environment, Franklin & Marshall College STEM Posse Scholar Max Aleman enjoys any opportunity to engage others in the world of science. Double majoring in environmental sciences and biology, Max, who will be a junior this fall, brings his enthusiasm for scientific discovery to the lab this summer.

“I love learning and trying to understand why the world exists,” says Max. “I hope to change fundamental genetics to improve the quality of life for human beings by using viruses to alter human genes in order to aid in the prevention of illness.”

During the academic year, Max is a greenhouse technician, a lab teaching assistant for the biology department, and the lead researcher on the epigenetic profiling team. In addition, he is a member of the LGBTQ club and a choreographer for the Franklin & Marshall Dance Company,

As he prepares to enter into his junior year, Max is excited to continue working toward his future career in the STEM field. After graduating from Franklin & Marshall, he intends to pursue a Ph.D. in virology or pathology.

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