Fall 2014| Posse National Newsletter


Enrollment AVP Brings Diverse Perspectives to Bucknell

Mark Davies, the assistant vice president for enrollment management and director of partnerships at Bucknell University.

For more than 30 years Mark D. Davies has played an instrumental role in shaping the student body of Bucknell University, a tri-city Posse partner institution. As the assistant vice president for enrollment management and director of partnerships, he strives to bring students with diverse perspectives and backgrounds to a campus where they can thrive.

“We have a stunning physical campus, but it’s really about what happens in the classroom and how accessible the faculty are to these students,” says Mark. “Bucknell offers challenging academics. A real depth of experience can occur here with lots of good support.”

Mark, a native of Pennsylvania, attended Bucknell, later earning his master’s from Duke University and beginning his education career as a high school teacher. An interest in higher education brought him to admissions at Ursinus College before being drawn back to Bucknell as an associate director of admissions, later serving as director and then dean.

“I’ve stopped counting how many students I’ve been involved with admitting to the university,” Mark says. “I am so proud of who they have become and how they reflect back on their experiences at Bucknell.”

Ten years ago, Bucknell was a founding partner institution for Posse D.C. before expanding to also select Scholars from the Boston and Los Angeles chapters.

“Having the presence of 120 students who have the Posse experience and know what it is to be there for each other and know how to reach out to others has really helped us,” says Mark. “Posse Scholars come with a different level of focus and energy and are eager to share their backgrounds and experiences with others.”

“Bucknell Scholars have been presidents of student government and countless campus organizations,” says Posse Chief Operating Officer Matthew Fasciano. “The enthusiasm they have for this campus community speaks volumes about their desire to give back to an institution that supports and nurtures their talents.”

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