Fall 2013| Posse D.C. Quarterly


D.C. Celebrates Growing Career Program, Successful Summer Internships

Posse D.C. held its seventh annual Internship Celebration at The Pew Charitable Trusts in August. More than 80 guests attended to celebrate the professional accomplishments of D.C. Scholars and alumni.

Joshua Rosenbaum, a member of the Posse D.C. Leadership Council and a principal with Deloitte’s federal financial advisory services practice, was the guest speaker. A volunteer for Posse for more than five years, Josh was instrumental in establishing Deloitte as a Career Program partner.  

“Spend time thinking about what you would like to be doing at the height of your career, what experiences you will need to have, and what skills you will need to develop to get there” said Josh. “Then focus on building those skills and getting those experiences to make sure you stay on the path you have chosen. Deloitte is proud to be here with Posse as you shape your paths and your future.”

Pepperdine University Scholar Demisse Habteselasie spent his summer as a federal analyst intern at Deloitte and will return for a full-time position in 2014 following graduation. His experience is representative of the impact and influence an internship has on Scholars.

“My internship at Deloitte provided me the perfect space to build on my past experiences,” said Demisse, a political science major. “There are so many talented, intelligent and caring people who work there. It’s a promising place to begin a lifetime of work.”

Adding a twist to traditional networking, guests participated in signature Posse activities designed to promote diverse discussions and highlight summer accomplishments.

Since 2007, Posse D.C. has doubled its internship partners, and the number of Scholars hired by those partners is almost four times what it was when the local Career Program started.

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