Fall 2014| Posse Los Angeles Quarterly


College Graduates Celebrated at Alumni Induction Ceremony

Posse Los Angeles honored its 2014 graduates on July 9 at Alumni Induction, held at The Bonaventure Brewing Company in downtown Los Angeles. The event, attended by nearly 60 alumni, emphasized the importance of staying connected with the growing Posse alumni network.

“In any position I’ve held, whether in the public or private sector, networking has been the key to my success,” said Posse Los Angeles Advisory Board member James Wilcox, a vice president at Goldman Sachs. “Stay connected to the Posse network and you’ll be amazed at the doors it will open.”

Posse National Alumni Advisory Council members Allison Minton and Lorenz Cisne invited guests to share their thoughts on the power of the alumni network during the open-mic portion of the program.

“Posse will continue to support you throughout your professional life,” said Dickinson College alumna Yazmin Watkins. “Utilize all of the resources available to you.”

The 2014 college graduates join a rapidly expanding network of more than 2,600 Posse alumni who are leaders in communities around the world.

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