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Brandeis Posse to Spend Junior Year Abroad

Brandeis University Posse alumna Ajai Scott, an associate business systems analyst, is the first Posse alumna to be hired for a full-time position at Liberty Mutual.

D’Andre Young will study communications in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jessica Hood will study abroad for seven months in New Zealand.

During the 2013-2014 academic year, eight third-year Scholars from Posse Atlanta’s first Brandeis Posse will study abroad, immersing themselves in other cultures to become more informed global citizens. These Scholars will travel to Amsterdam, Argentina, Bolivia, Denmark, England, Ghana, India and New Zealand to study communications, culture, art and politics. A few of their study abroad plans are detailed below.

Ajai Scott will spend her entire junior year abroad. The international global studies and sociology major will begin in Bolivia, researching globalization, multiculturalism and social justice issues for an independent study project. She will then travel to The Hague, The Netherlands, to study criminal justice and international law at a world-class international center for justice and human rights.

D’Andre Young, a communications major, will enroll at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, following his summer internship at Boston public relations firm Regan Communications Group. As part of his coursework at the Institute, D’Andre will spend a week shadowing at a public relations agency in London, England, while also taking classes in strategic and international communications.  

Jessica Hood is pursuing a minor in film, television and interactive media in addition to her creative writing major. For seven months she will attend the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand and participate in a summer internship program that allows her to work with a major production studio, which will be a great experience for Jessica who is considering a career as television writer, producer or playwright. 

Scholars + Destinations 

Karina Ayala-Casanova – Ifsa-Butler Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Zion Griffin – University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jessica Hood –  Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand 
Jemesh Hunter – Grenoble Language and Liberal Program, Grenoble, France (fall semester) and University of Paris, Paris, France (spring semester)
Malika “Sara” Imhotep – University of London, London, England (fall semester) and University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana (spring semester)
Jill Martin – Global Alliance for Education, Pune, India 
Ajai Scott –  Independent Study, Bolivia (fall semester); The Hague, The Netherlands (spring semester)
D’Andre Young – Danish Institute for Study Abroad, Copenhagen, Denmark 

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