Winter 2015| Posse Los Angeles Quarterly


Berkeley Scholar’s Mobile App Wins “Most Innovative Design”

Edwan Hernandez, a sophomore Posse Scholar majoring in computer science at the University of California, Berkeley, was part of the winning team at a programming competition backed by Evernote, a privately held company that builds apps and products.

Edwan and his team of programmers were awarded “Most Innovative Design” for their phone app that synchronizes a time-stamp feature to classroom notes taken during video lectures. The app allows students to reference easily any segment of the video lecture by simply clicking through their notes.

“This experience has made me more invested in computer science and finding a way to make an impact on the world,” says Edwan.

Determined to found his own start-up company, Edwan is working to create inexpensive tablet devices that can be distributed in impoverished countries. He hopes to have a working prototype developed this summer. He also hopes his start-up can offer internship opportunities to first-generation Americans.

“It’s important to me to give back to others in a situation I’m familiar with,” says Edwan. “And now I have an opportunity to do so.”

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