The Posse Veterans Program

The Posse Veterans Program is no longer accepting applicants interested in Fall 2015 college enrollment. To be considered for Fall 2016 enrollment, please sign up using the links below. You will be contacted in the spring of 2015.

The Posse Foundation launched its veterans initiative in 2012 in an effort to increase the rates at which veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces attend and graduate from selective colleges and universities.

There are more than two million veterans currently eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program and for GI Bill tuition benefits in the United States. With the all-volunteer military, enlisted men and women often have not attended college. When they consider pursuing a college degree, they frequently turn to community colleges and state institutions.


persistence and graduation rate

The Posse Foundation believes it can leverage its unique recruitment strategy to identify those veterans who can excel at selective four-year institutions of higher education. By creating cohorts of veterans, preparing them for the college experience and supporting them through to graduation, Posse can partner with top colleges and universities and support up to 500 veterans in its pipeline annually.

The Posse Veterans Program began in partnership with Vassar College and now also counts Wesleyan University and Dartmouth College as partners. Vassar President Catharine Bond Hill writes in a recent editorial, “It’s time for colleges and universities to increase their commitment to veterans who want more education. Selective private colleges in particular must step up and do [their] part.” Vassar, Wesleyan and Dartmouth will supplement available GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon funding to guarantee full tuition for every veteran student selected.

The Posse Foundation plans to expand it Veterans Program to include a total of 12 top colleges and universities as partners over the next five years. Each Posse veteran will attend college as part of a multicultural team—a Posse—of 10 veterans and will receive support prior to matriculating on campus and mentoring once enrolled.

It is the ultimate goal of The Posse Foundation to develop a new kind of national leadership network—one that is truly diverse and better able to reflect the voices of all Americans. The Posse Foundation recognizes the immense value that veterans can bring to selective institutions of higher education, to the workforce and to the establishment of this diverse network of leaders.

Who Should I Nominate?

  1. Veterans who are leaders in their places of work, communities and families.
  2. Veterans who are excited about the opportunity to receive a bachelor’s degree from one of the most prestigious liberal arts colleges in the nation.
  3. Veterans who have served at least 90 consecutive days of active duty since September 11, 2001 and have receive or will receive an honorable discharge by July 1, 2015.
The 2012 Posse Alumni Report

Download Fulfilling the Promise, which details the perspectives, interests and successes of Posse alumni over the last two decades.

Latest News

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In August, 180 Posse alumni attended the fifth annual National Posse Alumni Leadership Conference in New York City. The day-long conference included a presentation by Posse President and Founder Deborah Bial, a keynote address by Demos Distinguished Fellow and author Bob Herbert, as well as presentations by more than 30 guest speakers.

Bucknell Alumna Wins Ainslie Achievement Award

Fall 2013

Nadia Marie Sasso, a graduate of Bucknell University, is the 2013 recipient of the Ainslie Alumni Achievement Award. During the annual National Posse Alumni Leadership Conference held in New York City this past August, Nadia was honored for her commitment to social responsibility and her ability to inspire others.

Alum Wins Fellowship, Founds Detroit Youth Program

Summer 2013

When Brentt Baltimore graduated from Claremont McKenna College in 2010, he had a coveted analyst position at Credit Suisse in Los Angeles, California. But, after two years of long hours, he wondered what else he might accomplish with his degree in finance and economics.

Middlebury Alumna Develops National Entrepreneurship Program in Uganda

Spring 2013

Angelica Towne graduated from Middlebury College five years ago determined to use her education to empower youth in developing countries around the world. Today, the international studies major is the co-founder and country director of Educate!, a national youth leadership development organization that works with thousands of students and young entrepreneurs in Uganda.