Summer 2017| Posse Houston Quarterly


UVA Scholar Wins Humanity in Action & Ubben Fellowships

Zaakir Tameez, a third-year at the University of Virginia studying economics and politics and social thought, recently earned two prestigious fellowships: the Humanity in Action Fellowship and the Jeff Ubben Posse Fellowship.

As a Humanity in Action Fellow, Zaakir was one of 22 international students exploring human rights issues in Germany this summer. The fellowship brings together academics, social workers, and members of Parliament.

“It's intellectually challenging and forcing me to question my own assumptions and ideas,” says Zaakir. “The whole experience is transformative, causing me to be self-reflective and humble. Overall, I'm developing a greater understanding for the nuances, emotions and stories behind economics, politics and society.”

As a Jeff Ubben Posse Fellow, in the second part of his summer, Zaakir researched economic debt and income inequality with Nobel Laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz at Columbia University. This new Posse fellowship was established in recognition of Posse’s former board chair, Jeff Ubben, who served from 2007 to 2016. It provides opportunities for prestigious undergraduate summer internships.

Of the Ubben Fellowship, Zaakir says, “I'm beyond grateful to Posse for this chance to be overwhelmed with research, ideas and information about economic development at Columbia University.”

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