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Posse D.C. Celebrates Recent Graduates at Alumni Induction

Posse alumnae Ashley Boyd, Paola Jimenez Vergara, Jennifer Schroeder and Kiyah Holloman at the Posse D.C. Alumni Induction. [Photo credit: Beverlié Lord/Satsun Photography]

Recent UW-Madison Posse alumna Gwendolyn Omolabi addresses the crowd during the open mic portion of the event. [Photo credit: Beverlié Lord/Satsun Photography]

Posse D.C. welcomed its 2015 college graduates into the Posse Alumni Network in June at the offices of Reed Smith LLP in Washington, D.C. New alumni were celebrated by current Scholars, family, supporters and fellow alumni at the annual induction event.

Posse National Alumni Advisory Council representatives Briana Strachan, a Lafayette College alumna, and Edgar Ndjatou, a Brandeis University alumnus, highlighted alumni achievements and encouraged new alumni to remain engaged with the Posse network.

”You all have made waves on your respective campuses and have the power to move mountains in this world,” said Briana. “The Posse Alumni Network is dedicated to providing you with all the support and resources you need to reach your full potential,”

Featured speaker and Vanderbilt University Posse alumnus Marvin Figueroa shared advice about entering the workforce.

“What made the difference for me was that early on I set big goals for myself,” said Marvin. “I invite new alums to do the same: Dream. Create a blueprint. Chase that dream. Be flexible. Don’t be afraid to fail. Learn from not so successful experiences. And keep on with the pursuit.”

Generously hosted by Reed Smith LLP Partner A. Scott Bolden, a longstanding Posse D.C. supporter, the event also enabled Posse alumni to network with established professional leaders. The new college graduates join a network of more than 3,100 Posse alumni around the world who are dynamic leaders in the workforce and in their communities.

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